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And Just Like That a New Design is Born

13 November, 2010 (18:12) | Uncategorized | By: janle

This  week I have found myself rather stymied. I finished clue 4 on my Through the Looking Glass and I ran out of yarn on daughter’s cardi and have had to ordered some more from across the pond. I have several things I want to knit for myself, but I also have several new designs waiting in the pipeline either for yarn to arrive or for me to get off my backside and finish the charts. I haven’t so much lost my knitting mojo as overloaded it – it doesn’t really know which way to turn first :-)

So what do you do when paralysed by indecision? In my case break out the stitch dictionaries and skim through them to put off casting on anything.

Next thing I know I’m charting up stitch patterns, winding yarn and casting on for something completely different – It’s a cowl – and it’s not lace.

It even told me what it wants to be called

No Two Snowflakes

It’s fingering weight

Gansey style snowflakes

and I’m knitting with a cashmere blend yarn

What’s not to like?

What? you want pictures, sorry, the battery on my camera has gone – maybe tomorrow ;-)

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