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Knitting is good for you – Offical!
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Knitting is good for you – well we already knew that! But now it is official, pop along to this weblink Times on line and type the words Teenagers in stitches into the search facility. You will be directed to a facinating article about how knitting has been scientifically proven to help kids with such problems as AHD and post traumatic stress disorder. As a trainee teacher and a knitter I found it facinating!

It also has some great weblinks attached try this one.

Victoria and Albert Museum

As well as links to historical knitting stuff there are links to a wacky pattern for dismembered gloves and a free Rowan cardi pattern as well as a selection of links to some knitting bloggs.

Have fun!

janle @ 12:44 pm

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    June 20, 2005 | 5:28 pm

    Excellent article Janine! We were having an afternoon conference last week and I was so tempted to bring my knitting but I chickened out. I’m afraid someone will get the impression that I’m not paying attention – must get HR, Mgmt to read this article! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

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