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On My Travels
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Tomorrow I am off on a day trip to London to attend a seminar on all that it is new and exciting in the world of school computer networks, and ( I hope) to get a little yarn shoppping done.

This doesn’t sound too onerous an undertaking does it ?

Unfortunately, living in the middle of the English Channel it is a bit more of a challenge than that. I am getting up at the crack of dawn to check in at 6.30 am for the red eye flight to Gatwick London, From there I will take a train ride to London Victoria and then a tube ride (in the rush hour) to the nearest station to Horseguards Parade. From there I need to hoof it to the hotel that is hosting the seminar  and all before 9.30 am preferaby!

To you seasoned travellers that might sound like a walk in the park, but for a woman who lives on an island where nowhere is more than a 20 minute drive away it is going to be quite an undertaking.

After the seminar finishes – usually about 3.30ish, I will have about an hour to hit the shops, I have a map, I will need it with only an hour or so to closing time. Then I have to hop back on the Tube,  onto the train onto the last flight home to arrive exhausted back on my little island at about 8.45 pm, barring flight delays, fog, thunderstorms….

So if any of you should be passing through Gatwick airport and see a short, slightly tubby woman with her feet up knitting multicoloured socks (Crusoe from Knitty), pop over and say hello, it will probably be me waiting for the flight back home :-)

janle @ 3:43 pm

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    June 29, 2005 | 9:03 pm

    That sounds like an astonishingly exhausting day. :-) Good luck!! At least you’ll have some knitting time on the flight/train.

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