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June 2005

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As promised today we have some pictures. We also have a dilema and a small confession. First the confession. I don’t like my NBaT! Well to be more correct I don’t like the neckline. It isn’t sitting flat and I think it is a bit fussy – one picot edging too far. I have made […]

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A Busy weekend

This weekend I knitted a whole shell in less than three days! I knitted a version of Soleil from Knitty, seamed it and crocheted the edges. Al I need to do is block it. I started it on Friday evening and finished on Sunday evening about 10 pm. Why you may ask? Was it because […]

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School Sports

Today was our schools annual schools sports day. Not much there about knitting you would think, but as a teaching member of staff it is required of me that I go and watch the proceedings and keep an eye on the students that I would normally have been teaching. It was a lovely day, Not […]

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A Boring Post

Sorry but after my tantrum last week and my despair on Saturday today’s post is going to seem very tame. We had a lovely weekend, spent most of Monday on the water- there wasn’t a lot of wind but the water was so clear that we could see the fish swimming in the bay and […]

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