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St Peter Port

Is00004a The are a lot of Saints in Guernsey. The island is divided into 10 parishes, many of them named after a saint.

There is St Sampsons, one of the northern parishes named after the saint that brought christianity to the island and has the oldest parish church (10th century)

Others include St Martins, St Andrews (of the apple orchards) and St Peters ( in the wood),

St Peter Port is our capital and there has been a harbour here since time began – well at least pre Roman :-). A roman wreck was discovered and salvaged several years ago and is in the process of being conserved in the same manner as the Marie Rose.

On the east coast of the island the stretch of water between the harbour and the outlying island of Herm called The Russell, is a haven for ships from the prevailing westerly winds as well as a spectacular anchorage for visiting cruise ships.

The town of St Peter Port is built into the side of a hill and from the harbour you can see all the rooftops stretching up and into the distance.


The entrance to the harbour is guarded by a 12th century harbour called Castle Cornet.

It was originally on a separate island just off the shore but in Napoleonic times a new breakwater was built that joined the castle to the mainland.


During the english Civil War, the island declared for Parliament  and the island’s governor who was the kings representative fled to the castle and for the remainder of the war the castle and the town took pots shots at each other with canons. These days a canon is fired everyday at midday to make sure that people know the time.

119286420hvlaqj_ph_1 The Town church is right on the seafront only a few yards from the harbour front. Several of it’s windows were damaged in the skirmishes with the castle – and the rest were damaged by German bombs in WW2. However they have all since been restored and a a marvelous sight to see.

I hope you have enjoyed this whistle stop tour around our capital and that is has distracted you from the fact that I have absolutely no knitting content for you at all :-)

Everything I have on the needles at the moment is top secret and I can’t show it to you. Hopefully there will be something that I can show you next week

Have a good weekend :-)

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    October 13, 2006 | 4:29 am

    Knitting? Was there supposed to be knitting at this blog? ;) Thanks for the tour!

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