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Show and Tell and a Road Trip
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I have some stuff to show you :-)

First off I recieved a parcel from my funky scarf swap partner – it was the perfect antidote to a really miserable rainy day.


I struggled to get a decent photo because of the weather but as usual I failed :-)

The idea behing the scarf is that the coloured areas are like stained glass contained within the black "lead". I think the coloured yarn is pure silk, it certainly feels like it and is really pretty. My swap partner sent me a lovely card with it and told me that the coloured bits can easily be untied and replaced with different ones to change the look – how clever!

So many thanks to Joanna – who I hope is reading this as she didn’t send me an email address or a blog address so I can thank her properly.

Secondly I recieved another parcel in the post, my long awaited "What I did this summer" spindle swap. My pal emailed back on the 19th of September to say that she had mailed it and it finally arrived here on Wednesday (18th October!)

The idea behind the swap was to purchase or preferably make a spindle that reflected what you had done during your summer holiday. I sent a spindle made from fimo clay with shells from Ladies Bay embebbed in the top and I wrapped it securely in some undyed Merino roving to make sure that it arrived in one piece. It did (however the bar of luxury dark chocoate that I sent with it was mysteriously missing).

In return, this is what I received

Spindle_swap the spindle is made from a toy wheel and spins like a dream. The reason it has doggy paw prints on the top is that my swap partner spent her summer working with dogs. She sent me some very interesting leaflets on the stuff that she had been doing and a really cute doggy calendar which is just the right size for my desk.

Along with it she sent some of her own hand dyed, hand carded corriedale. I have already spn one of these batts, it is the first time I have ever spun this particular breed, it is wonderful!. It almost spins its self!

There was also also a very special packet in there, the white one at the back,

Samoyed Yup it really is dog hair! I believe in some areas of the spinning world it is called Cheingora :-)

I look forward to having a go at spinning this. As my range of fibres that I have spun increases I am rapidly comming to the conclusion tha tI need to start keeping a spinning diary documenting these different fibres because they really do spin differently – something eles to get done.

I have decided to do something special with the red corriedale. I am going to spin it up, then ply it with its self and a strand of very fine irridescent embroidery thread. there should be enough to make a pair of those Fetching gloved from Knitty.

So many thanks to Martha from Ohio who sadly seems to be blogless for a wonderful swap.

Finally on the Show and Tell something I made myself :-)

Sheltand_triangle_blocking Shetland Triangle Shawl:

Koigu Semi solid colourway – sorry I’ve lost the ball bands

4mm circular Aero needle

Modifications: I knitted two extra repeats – and it is still small!

However I do love it :-) Is is a perfect shoulder shawl size. I’m sorry there are no outside shots of the shawl but it has been raining cats and dogs for two days now and I wanted to pack the shawl to take away.

~Yes you did read that right DH and I are off on a road trip. Next sunday is our 25th wedding anniversary and to celebrate we decided to take a little jaunt. We are on the red eye tomorrow and we are taking a little trip down to Cornwall, just the two of us :-), the "kids" are house sitting.

We are doing down to the Eden project and we are hoping the weather will be good enough to do the Lost Gardens of Heligan as well. We have found a beautiful B & B in the area and are looking forward to a few days of R & R.

See you all when we get back later on in the week when I look forward to catching up on what everyone who went to Rheinbeck got up to.

Have a good weekend :-)

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5 Comments for 'Show and Tell and a Road Trip'

    October 22, 2006 | 4:45 pm

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! How special! Have a great time on your trip and take lots of pictures!

    October 22, 2006 | 6:52 pm

    Great shawl – looks really good. Can you go *down* to Cornwall from Guernsey?! :)

    October 22, 2006 | 7:57 pm

    Wow, I am really impressed with your shawl! It came out great. Enjoy wearing it.

    October 26, 2006 | 4:26 am

    Happy anniversary! Hope you’re having a lovely time!!
    You got such fun swap treats – that scarf is cool. And your shawl is lovely!

    October 28, 2006 | 1:08 pm

    I am so glad you got such a lovely funky scarf. I just love the one you sent me.
    Enjoy Eden and the Lost Gardens, we did them a few years back and had a wonderful time. I had to laugh though on seeing a traffic sign just outside At Austell saying ‘Eden full’ – it was the summer.

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