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Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Woman
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There has been knitting galore ( and a bit of spinning) this week along with the inevitable holiday preparations – photos later this week.

All the presents are bought ( though not all wrapped). The ones for the mainland were sent (special delivery to make sure they got there on time) and somehow all the Christmas cards got written and sent before the cheap stamp deadline.

Just a few bits of grocery shopping to do before the big day – and I even managed to find time to get my hair done!


Yes I know I look ridiculous :-)
How we suffer for our looks :-)

Does anyone else see the resemblance to an Emperor Penquin?

janle @ 1:04 pm

7 Comments for 'Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Woman'

    December 20, 2007 | 2:39 pm

    LOL about the penguin look! Um, no comment? ;)

    December 20, 2007 | 4:49 pm

    I’m with Chris. Definitely no comment. ;^)
    So where are the photos of the final result?…

    December 20, 2007 | 6:58 pm

    Ha ha ha, nice picture!!!
    Your so great to show it to us!

    December 21, 2007 | 12:35 am

    You’re so brave! Lol. Hopefully a final result picture, soon?

    December 21, 2007 | 10:14 pm

    you are too funny – I love the picture :D can’t wait to see what came out of that process

    December 22, 2007 | 6:05 am

    Boy oh boy, that look must have put the fear of God into your kids when they were little :)
    Happy Holidays Janine!! xxx

    December 28, 2007 | 5:42 pm

    Oh, yes. Penguin. Definitely. I trust the resemblance has faded since? ;)

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