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Do you Twitter?
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For those of you in the know it is a simple question, but unless you spend your life on the web ( as I seem to do) it is not such a simple or indeed silly question to ask – What is Twitter?

Well the best description I have yet to find is that it is a sort of Micro blogging. You open an account and you tell people what you are doing, but in 140 characters or less – a bit like you status on Facebook if you have that.

Lots of people are doing it – the Yarn Harlot – the President of the US - No 10 Downing street – Stephen Fry – even places like Jodrell Bank - the Science Museum and loads of other educational or business orientated organisations are doing it too.

Yes you have probably guessed where this is going – I'm on there too :-)  It is quite easy to dash off a quick one liner to let people know what you are up to – and if like me you tend to witter on a bit – Twitter forces you to be succinct in what you are trying to say. 140 characters doesn't go very far :-)

Something else I am getting into is Plurk - similar idea – you follow people that you're interested in and can reply to their "plurks" -Laura and Kelly from the Unique Sheep use it a lot for interacting with their customers and we are going to use it for a future Mystery knit a long that we are working on.

So if you want to join me ( I'm not a great updater so I won't be bombarding you with thousands of things a day) I'm Guernseygalj9 on Twitter and guernseygal on Plurk – see you there!

Oh and have a good weekend :-)

janle @ 2:27 pm

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    March 8, 2009 | 12:57 pm

    I’m a Plurk-gal myself (amyp) deciding very early on I didn’t want to be where everyone else was!

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