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New Designs!
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Yes plural :-)

The new issue of Knotions is up and I have not one but two designs in it

First up is Spring Kimono which is made in a new yarn for me

Valley yarns southwick – a cotton/bamboo blend – a little splitty to work with, but not disasterous and the drape is wonderful.


Knitted on 4mm and 4.5mm needles to shape the lace section a little and then the top half is knitted on 4mm as are the sleeves.

Construction: Knitted from the bottom up in the round until the split for the neck and then the sleeves are knitted top down so you can make them any length you like.

Photo by hubby on a very cold January afternoon – the sun may have been shining, but with the windchill it was about -2 degrees :-)


Seaside Serenade


I loved knitting this one !

The laceweight was really smooth, but blocked really crisp – almost like cotton to look at and showed the stitch definition on the parasols beautifully. It was another new yarn for me Prism Art Yarn laceweight in the Summer colourway.

Construction: knit one border then continue through the main body of the stole. Make the second border and then graft it onto the other end of the centre panel. A good way to work if you want to use every little bit of the yarn available because you can knit both ends first and then knit the middle section until all the yarn is used.

You could use any lace weight yarn for this – malabrigo would be nice …..

I'm now working on another lace design (a garment this time) for the next issue.

Finally before I leave you, can I wish those of you who celebrate it – Happy pancake day! ( well Shrove Tuesday really). For more details (and a recipe or two) go and have a look here - Enjoy!

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9 Comments for 'New Designs!'

    February 24, 2009 | 1:33 pm

    Congrats! But pooey – their site seems to be down right now.

    February 24, 2009 | 3:27 pm

    Those look really lovely…must check out the site. Congratulations!

    February 24, 2009 | 5:37 pm

    Both of your patterns were the ones that I immediately had to take a closer look at! They’re both lovely, and now in my queue. Thanks!

    February 24, 2009 | 5:43 pm

    Both so nice!! Your a great model!! Love the beach over there.

    February 26, 2009 | 4:07 am

    Oh my goodness – who let that beautiful shawl touch the ground! The patterns are both lovely. Your photos are wonderful too.
    stumbled over here through another Raveler’s blog

    February 26, 2009 | 7:10 pm

    Lovely designs – well done.

    February 27, 2009 | 6:24 am

    oh I am going to have to do Kimono one I love it and I love the picture of you wearing it. I was going to ask if it was warm then you don’t look cold at all ;)

    February 28, 2009 | 8:06 pm

    Congrats! Beautiful!

    March 5, 2009 | 1:28 pm

    Oh, they are just beauteful, both of them!

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