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Spring is Here!
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We have had some beautiful weather recently, bright, sunny, but still rather cold. March went out like a lamb and here we are in April, Easter,holidays and Spring!

Hubby took a couple of days off before the easter weekend and we have taken the opportunity to get out in fresh air and do some Geocaching. For those who have never met Geocaching it is a sort of global wide treasure hunt fueled by GPS coordinates. At every set of coordinates you will find a cache which can be as small as a thimble or as big as a large lunchbox. in it you will find a log book you sign and in the larger ones there can be “treasures” usually foreign stamps, beads, plastic toys and occasionally a travel bug which is an item that you take out of the cache and move to another one somewhere else so that it can continue it’s travels around the world. You can go on the Website, plug in the code on the travelbug and see where it has been :-)

The best thing about today was getting up onto the south cliffs on the island and walking up and down all the beautiful cliff paths with all spring flowers starting to appear.

Bluebells in the hedge










a beautiful green lane with a secret ( yes there is a cache in this lane)










Primroses, Celandines and Violets










and to top it off a babbling stream ( that also hides a secret)

In between geocaching expeditions there has been knitting, but it is a magazine commission so I can’t talk about it.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it and to those who don’t enjoy the holiday!

















































janle @ 7:44 pm

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    April 15, 2012 | 8:45 am

    Janine, I am hooked to Geocaching, too. It is such fun. There is a cache about 150 m from our home and I pass by it nearly daily with the dogs, and I find it exciting to know there is something hidden most of the people coming along have absolutely no idea of :-)
    Your neck of the woods is just gorgeous. I think one day, now that it is a lot easier to enter UK territories with the dogs, a trip to the Channel Islands might be on the list… But on the other hand that is so close to my beloved Britanny, I might connect the two – and then need 4 weeks or so :-)
    Have a great weekend and good luck with your next cache!!!

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