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And Now it is Summer (Allegedly)
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I say allegedly with good reason – We bought a new BBQ two weeks ago and it is still in it’s box due the amount of rain and wind we have been having.

It seems to be good for the garden however, The grass in knee high – come on Mr gardener where are you? and something odd has happened to the palm like thing at the bottom of my garden – it has thrown a flower spike

It is currently about 35 ft……

The flowers are pretty though










I actually have knitting content – gasp!

198yds of Heaven ( well more than that actually ) I added a couple of repeats

the yarn is heavenly Great Nothern Yarns 70% mink, 30% cashmere – Yum! and the mink is humanely gathered – they shave them!

Knitted on 5mm needles – they felt like tree trunks to me :-)

and at the other end of the scale

Lace Leaf Scarf from Lace knitting in Estonia I made it a scarf by removing a repepat or two across it in order to get a decent length of scarf. The Shawl calls for 500yds I only had 438yds

I got there, the beauty of these Estonian patterns is that you knit both ends and then the middle so you get to use all of the yarn up.

Manos de Uraguay Lace in colourway 9111 ( pinks and mossy greens) on 3.25mm needles

This one is packed away for a retirement present for a favourite lady at work – who was retitring in a month or so, but due to difficulties with staffing may be staying on an extra year – it will keep ;-)





janle @ 8:34 pm

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    June 27, 2012 | 11:11 pm

    Same odd Summer weather here in virginia! We sleep with two blankets on us and last night… I had to get out the comforter! Crazy.
    Very cool plant!!!

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