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I Have Cats!
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We have had a few changes around here in the last few months. Back in October we lost our beloved dog of 16 years. At the end of the following month I lost my Mother to cancer. Christmas was horrible. The only bright spot was that soon after we lost the dog we decided to adopt a kitty. We felt that as we were both working full time is wasn’t fair on a dog, but kitties are far more independent , but will still be company for us. The day after Mum died, we got a call from the GSPCA to say that we had been accepted as potential adopters and would we like to go look at the cats that were currently in need of good homes. We went with the best of intentions of adopting a cat , but as with the best laid plans of all mice and men we came home with two :-)

They are sisters.












And Izzy ( short  for Isadora)










When they first arrived Holly was the skitty kitty spending all her time under the bed but as you can see from her photo she soon mellowed out and will now drape herself over the nearest available human with gay abandon

Izzy on the other hand with pure Tortitude will sit WITH you but not ON you  and is very fond of yarn ( which is proving a bit of a problem)

Holly is turning out to be a Daddies girl who likes to chase shoelaces

Izzy is , well, a tortie which says it all, though she does love to chase laser pointers and anything that shines

More on the cats as time goes by I am sure, but I will try to avoid turning this into a cat blog :-)

Mean while in the Knitting front I am slogging through the test knit of the next mystery KAL before sending it to the test knitters – I was hoping to knit some summer tops for myself, but where the weather has been so cold I haven’t even looked at my Ravelry queue to narrow down the selections

I leave you with a photo taken by my hubby one one of our walks last weekend – spring is here, it is just bloody cold!



janle @ 1:53 pm

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    May 2, 2013 | 4:23 pm

    I am so sorry for your losses. What a difficult Fall you had… I hope the good memories will continue to return and ease the the pain.
    And two cats are better than one… they’ll keep each other company when you can’t be there, and generally be happier and more loving when you are home. Yay kitties!

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