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Not The Best Start to a Bank Holiday Weekend!
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This morning, in the early hours I was awoken by a cat trampolining off my stomach. She has a habit of hopping up onto the headboard and then launching herself as far down the bed as she can manage. Once awake I became aware of the fact that I was not as usually happens being strangled by my necklace as I turned over. In fact the chain was not there at all!

I scrambled around in the bed to no avail and spent the rest of the night trying to figure out when I had last noticed I was wearing it. When, at a far more reasonable hour my Hubby awoke. He was able to confirm that I was not in fact wearing it when I went to bed and it was therefore lost. I am gutted. I have found the chain on the floor by the bed, but there is no sign of the pendant, which is a lump of polished Guernsey granite in the shape of a heart, enclosed a heavy gold mount that looks like a cross. Not only was it expensive ( 18ct gold) it had great sentimental value as it was a birthday pressy from Hubby. I have hunted high and low and can only conclude that it slipped down my bra and then fell out sometime during my busy day – there is a chance that the cleaners at work may find it, but I don’t hold out much hope.

I also seem to have caught a rotten spring cold just in time for the long weekend.

Then to put the tin hat on the day, no 1 son phone an hour ago to say that his car has been broken into. Nothing has been taken, but the damage they did getting into the car will probably result in the car being written off by the insurance. Who does this sort of thing!

I leave you with a couple of photos. The first is to get my own back on the cat. If she can use me as a trampoline, I can show her sunning he inelegant self on the window sill.

And for those like me who are striving to find a little calm in this tops turvy life. Here is a shot I took on my phone of Bluebell Wood , up on the south coast cliffs last week – all together now- ohmmmm….

janle @ 3:28 pm

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    alison h
    May 17, 2013 | 5:28 am

    janine!! I am thrilled that you have adopted a couple of lovely fur faces – I love my one and only and she is the light of my life.

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