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Knitting and Spinning is My Sanity

Work at the moment is manic. I’m starting early, finishing late and trying to wear four hats at once and juggle their various priorities at the same time – it’s not fun Don’t get me wrong I love my job, It is just a case at the moment that we are implementing several huge projects […]

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Now That the Party’s Over

Saturday dawned fine and windless – perfect for Dancing Daughter’s birthday party. I had volunteered to stay home and be the responsible parent just in case someone went overboard on the alcohol or hi jinks, but to be honest I could have spent the day on the beach. When you consider everything you see written […]

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I owe you an update :-)

Throughout all the turmoil here chez Guernseygal there has been much knitting and spinning and knitterly news too so I thought I would try and get some of it down on paper. First up there has been spinning – for the Tour de Fleece 530m of laceweight South African Roving in the Joshua Tree colourway […]

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Knitting, spinning, help, can’t think of a title………

All sorts of bits a pieces todayI promised the girls of The Spinners Central group on Ravelry that I would post a picture of my latest spinning This is some of the roving prepared and ready to spin in my favourite pottery bowl. It sits next to the couch when I am spinning and is […]

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Spun Stitches

Not a lot to report this week really. I have been spinning more of the corridale pencil roving for Lady Eleanor, I estimate I have two bobbins worth yet to spin. There is no real hurry for this yarn – I can’t see me sweltering underneath a worsted weight wrap until the summer is over, […]

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This weekend the weather was…. changeable Saturday was sunny and windy, Sunday was very wet and not windy, Monday was sunnyish and very very windy. This all added up to one day windsurfing and two knitting and spinning I managed to spin and ply another bobbin full of the corriedale pencil roving plus spin another […]

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Lots of Wonderful Things to Talk About

Warning this could be a long post You know how it goes, for weeks you rack your brains for blog fodder and then suddenly half a dozen blog worthy things seem to pop up at once! So where to start. I have um taken um delivery of a few parcels over the last few days… […]

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Let the fun begin

The matches have been done for Sockapalooza4 and we are all set to get started Now I have a wonderful pal to knit for, but she knows me, so, I am being devious, another knitter and I are using each others blog names to throw our sockpals off the scent a bit, so If we […]

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Hidden Depths

When I was spinning the Hidden singles they reminded me of camouflage but when I was plying them together all I could think of was chocolate peppermint cream with a hint of honeycomb toffee ( I don’t know if I was hungry or what but I swear that was all I could think!) I am […]

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